Zilla’s | 4000mg CBD Tincture | Full Spectrum Extra Relief


  • Brand:Zilla’s
  • High CBD CBD: 4000 mg


    Full-Spectrum CBD Extra Relief DROPS ( 4000 mg + 0.3% THC ) features a potent concentration of full-spectrum CBD. Full-Spectrum CBD is different from Pure CBD in that it contains THC in trace amounts and may also contain other cannabinoids as well as plant terpenes and other plant components that may contribute to the Entourage Effect. (The Entourage Effect is the belief that cannabinoids like CBD perform better when there are other cannabinoids present, meaning that cannabinoids raise each others beneficial potential when combined than when alone , bringing many to believe full-spectrum is better than pure CBD crystalline.) Note : the legal THC concentration ( 0.3% ) in full-spectrum CBD hemp extract isn’t necessarily enough for the user to feel ‘stoned’.


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