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June 6, 2022June 5, 2022 |
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The Boston Beer Co is launching a line of cannabis-infused iced teas under the brand ‘teapot’.
It will launch in July in Canada – since the country’s infused beverage market share has increased nearly 850% since 2020 and is around twice the size of that in the US.
The drink will blend tea with specific cannabis strains to enhance specific times of the day, and each 12-ounce can will contain 5 milligrams of THC.
On our side of the pond, way down the bottom of WA in Denmark, the Cannabis Botanical Distillery is flavouring its gin with locally grown sativa cannabis – aka hemp seed – ‘cos cannabis drinks are not legal yet in Australia.
But Legalise Cannabis nearly nabbed a Senate seat in Queensland at the Federal election, so we’re inching closer.
University of Sydney-led research recently found that 1500mg, the highest daily medicinal dose of cannabidiol (CBD), has no impact on people’s driving or cognitive abilities.
Unlike THC, CBD does not appear to intoxicate people, instead it has been reported to have calming and pain relief effects, commonly prescribed for pain, sleep disorders and anxiety.
Most countries allow people to drive while on CBD, in fact it’s already legal in NSW use – provided a driver is not ‘impaired’ due to fatigue and/or lowered blood pressure.
It’s good news, especially since the use of CBD is increasing, with recent University of Sydney research showing that around 55,000 requests to access medicinal CBD have been approved in Australia since 2016.
Only eight companies were in the green, with 13 companies flat and 16 stocks in the red.
The company says its proprietary ultra-pure CBD capsule EMD-RX5 has demonstrated excellent bioavailability and dose delivery profile for targeted indications in a Phase 1 study.
Compared to Epidyolex, the sole CBD-only medicine registered with the TGA and FDA, EMD-RX5 provides equivalent total drug exposures over 24 hours with a more predictable and sustained drug release.
EMD-RX5 was also shown to deliver:
“These results confirm EMD-RX5’s suitability as a multi-indication treatment of chronic conditions and support Emyria’s initial over-the-counter drug registration program targeting the symptoms of psychological distress,” MD Dr Michael Winlo said.
Emyria’s S3 TGA registration program for EMD-RX5 is now advancing to pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials following planned receipt of ethics approval.
The company has completed a proof of concept study into the safety and efficacy of a cannabigerol (CBG) dominant cannabis extract which it says shows “very promising results”.
The study assessed the safety and efficacy of MediCabilis CBG 50 in patients suffering from symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease and anxiety – with 74% of trial participants reporting a noticeable improvement in their conditions within two to four weeks of using MediCabilis CBG 50 twice a day.
The trial data will be shared with doctors and approved prescribers in both Australia and the UK to assist in the ongoing educational initiatives undertaken by the company and to support the launch of MediCabilis CBG 50 – expected this month.
Cann has harvested the first commercial medicinal cannabis crop from its Mildura facility, with the company now actively cultivating commercial crops across all three of its licensed sites.
Subsequent crops at Mildura are already progressing well through the vegetative and flowering stages, and cropping will continue on a cyclic basis.
Plants harvested from the current crop will be trimmed and dried on-site before undergoing extraction and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products in fulfilment of Cann’s local and international commercial supply agreements.
“This harvest is just the first of many to come, but it marks the next phase in Cann’s activities as we begin to reap the benefits of our fixed infrastructure investments,” CEO Peter Crock said.
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