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Video obtained by 7NEWS reveals how sulphur-crested cockatoos are learning from each other how to flip wheelie-bin lids – much to the chagrin of families trying to keep their household waste safely out of sight.
The bin-raiding birds’ behaviour has now been reported across some 44 Sydney suburbs.
Watch the video below
Bailey Smith has spoken publicly for the first time since his AFLsuspension for conduct unbecoming, after photographs and video emerged of him taking an illicit drug.
Smith, 21, was handed a two-week ban for conduct unbecoming after photographs and video emerged of him taking an illicit drug.
However, the Western Bulldogs player put on a masterclass handling the bombshell moment by immediately owning up to what happened and apologising, which defused the explosive situation within days.
“It’s been a bit of a challenging period there, but I think everyone goes through stuff like that,” he said in his first interview on the matter.
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After a two-year hiatus, the three-day music festival will relocate from regional Victoria to inner-city Melbourne.
US rapper Lil Nas X and English rock band Arctic Monkeys will lead a long list of performers at Sidney Myer Music Bowl across two stages.
It comes after organisers previously announced the 30-year-old event would move from its home in Lorne to Birregurra in Colac after Colac Shire Otway Council approved a planning permit.
However, an application was made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal by a group of locals appealing the decision, forcing organisers to shift the event to Victoria’s capital.
The rocket plunged to the ground in the US shortly after liftoff earlier today in the first launch accident for the Amazon supremo’s space travel company, but the capsule carrying experiments managed to parachute to safety.
No one was aboard the Blue Origin flight, which used the same kind of rocket as the one that sends paying customers to the edge of space.
The rockets are now grounded pending the outcome of an investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
WATCH THE VIDEO: Blue Origin’s botched launch
The New Shepard rocket was barely a minute into its flight from West Texas when bright yellow flames shot out from around the single engine at the bottom.
The capsule’s emergency launch abort system immediately kicked in, lifting the craft off the top.
Several minutes later, the capsule parachuted onto the remote desert floor.
The rocket came crashing down, with no injuries or damage reported, said the FAA, which is in charge of public safety during commercial space launches and landings.
Blue Origin’s launch commentary went silent when the capsule catapulted off the rocket Monday morning, eventually announcing: “It appears we’ve experienced an anomaly with today’s flight. This wasn’t planned.”
– Marcia Dunn, AP
The lemon flavoured drink is set to be scrapped from supermarket shelves in the coming weeks.
Coca-Cola Australia confirmed on Tuesday that the drink was to be axed by the end of the year, and announced it would instead be switching its focus to Sprite Lemon+.
Rumours appeared on social media in July, when Aussie TikTokker Russ Eats claimed the beverage was being “sent to the junk food graveyard” in favour of Sprite.
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“Elias ‘The Spartan’ Theodorou answered his final bell yesterday, September 11th, 2022,” the Canadian fighter’s family said in a statement.
“He passed peacefully at home with his family and loved ones in his corner after a hard-fought fight with colon cancer that metastasized.”
MMA promoter UFC on Monday said the “affable Toronto native” led a career and a life to be proud of.
“Elias Theodorou made an impact in his 34 years, one that won’t be forgotten,” UFC said.
Theodorou left UFC in 2019 with a 16-3 record overall and an 8-3 record in the sport’s top league.
One of his last bouts was in December, when he beat Bryan Baker at an event called Colorado Combat Club 10.
Theodorou is perhaps equally known for his medical cannabis advocacy, noted for having earned Canada’s first cannabis exemption for professional athletes in 2020.
The next year, Colorado granted a similar exemption. Theodorou said it was a first for a pro athlete in the US.
Sports lawyer Erik Magraken, who memorialized Theodorou on his website, said the cannabis victories led directly to similar stances by the UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.
“A remarkable legacy Elias created,” Magraken wrote Monday.
Theodorou was active in the Toronto marijuana community and was the “chief access officer” for the cannabis platform Leafythings, which helps Canadians find delivery services and dispensaries.
Some mourners have left the snacks alongside floral tributes at Buckingham Palace and neighboring Green Park.
The sandwiches are a reference to a comedy sketch featuring the Queen and an animated Paddington Bear that was filmed for her Platinum Jubilee this year.
In the video, the queen said that like Paddington Bear she also favors marmalade sandwiches and hides them in her purse “for later.”
The Royal Parks organization said Monday that people should not leave the snacks due to the “negative impact on the park’s wildlife” but that they could leave teddy bears and other items if they wished.
By Tom Sacre / Courts & Justice
Rhiannon Lewin / Queensland News
Ailish Delaney and Molly Magennis / SA News
By Lauren Rose / SA News
Ailish Delaney / Severe Weather
Alex Chapman / NSW News
AAP / Crime
Molly Magennis / Public Health
By Tom Sacre / Courts & Justice
Rhiannon Lewin / Queensland News
Ailish Delaney and Molly Magennis / SA News
By Lauren Rose / SA News
Ailish Delaney / Severe Weather
Alex Chapman / NSW News
AAP / Crime
Molly Magennis / Public Health



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