Synergy Sleepberry 2:1:1 Gummies


  • Brand:Dixie
  • Indica THC: 54.35 mg  |  CBD: 51.05 mg

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    Sweet dreams are made from this. With a special blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and melatonin – Sleepberry helps you naturally fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Each delicious gummy contains 10mg CBN, 5mg CBD, 5mg THC, and 2mg Melatonin so you can say goodbye to counting sheep and dream the night away. *Melatonin not available in select markets.

    • Gummies are handmade and fully infused 
    • Let the gummy fully dissolve in your mouth for quicker up-take 
    • Dixie Edibles are triple lab tested for consistency and quality 
    • When you consume a Dixie edible, the THC is processed in your liver—transforming from a Δ-9 is to a more potent 11-hydroxy 
    • Edibles can take longer to take effect than other methods of THC uptake, but the effects often last much longer too






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