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A South Australia man and woman have been charged with the neglect of a two-year-old boy.
According to police, the toddler was brought into the Blair Athol medical centre in Adelaide with serious injuries including severe burns on Monday August 8 at around 10:30AM.
The child was then transported via ambulance to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for further treatment.
Both the toddler’s mother and uncle were forced to front the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday.
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Forensic Paediatricians found that the toddler had suffered from burns consistent with being submerged in boiling water along with several bruises.
The toddler’s mother told the court that her son had accidentally burnt himself by turning on a hot tap.
Forensic Paediatricians also told the court the toddler had traces of methamphetamine in his urine and are currently running tests to determine whether the boy suffered any brain injuries from ‘a lack of oxygen as a result of being submerged in water’.
Detectives have since charged the child’s mother and uncle with criminal neglect.
The 34-year-old mother of the toddler, Emma Jane Short is set to face Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Friday while the toddler’s 40-year-old uncle, Rodney Clough is set to face the Adelaide Magistrates Court in December.
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17 August 2022
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