Slapz | 3.5g Pre-Pack


  • Brand:Michigander Fire
  • 1/8 oz –

    Hybrid THC: 24.9%  |  CBD: 0.1%


    No other strain deserves it’s name more than Slapz. Cause it does exactly that, slaps you right in the face and into the couch. Not for novice smokers, for it’s potency and hardcore parents, that gave this strong Indica the worth of it’s name. Grease Monkey and Runtz being mated has created an exceptional genealogy. Straight gas, pine and skunky dank not only slaps you in the taste buds but straight through your body and mind. Great for insomniacs and those that struggle to sleep through the night. This strain is new to the streets, but it’s beating out all of the other’s with the genius of it’s crossing to create one of the most slapping of strains.

    • Flavor: Pine, Earth
    • Strain Type: Indica
    • Genetics: Grease Monkey X Runtz
    • Bred: Exotic Genetix
    • Cut: Michiganderfire, Greenwheelmichigan

    Actual potency may vary +/- 10%






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