Mary’s | 200mg Gel Pen | CBN


  • Brand:Mary’s Medicinals
  • CBD: 1 mg

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    One of the fastest-acting, accurately-dosed cannabis products available. Mary’s patented gel pens have been reported to be a wonderful accompaniment to the patches or on their own for fast-acting relief.

    – US patented product for transdermal technology

    – Accurately dosed at 2mg per pump with 50 doses per pen

    – Effects last between 4-6 hours

    – Apply to any veinous area of the skin

    – Provides one of the fastest onset rates on the market

    – Allows for titration and the ability to create one’s own specific cannabinoid ratio

    – Terpenes and cannabinoids are absorbed transdermally

    Actual potency may vary by +/- 10%



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