Jeeter Infused Pre-Roll | Tropicana Cookies


  • Brand:Jeeter
  • 2g –

    THC: 32.51%  |  CBD: 0.03%

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    Tropicana Cookies Jeeter XL Infused Rolled Joint: 2g Joint | Sativa | Indoor Grown Infused with Liquid Diamonds & Kief

    Tropicana Cookies is a sativa strain that is created by crossing GSC and Tangie. The result is an infusion of citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookies flavor. It has an earthy pine and sour spice aroma with a heavy orange overtone. Tropicana cookies provides a cerebral and focused high, filling you with tingly happiness and a sense of creative motivation. This strain may help relieve anxiety, depression, mood swings, nausea and stress.

    Actual potency may vary +/- 10%



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