iKrusher | vFire Mini Battery | Black


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    Long-Lasting Performance, Superior Technology. The VFIRE is packed with power, making it one of the most popular devices in the industry. Featuring pods in both half gram and full gram options with a full range of customizations.

    Turning Your Device ON/OFF

    Rapidly tap the activation button on your device five (5) times to activate the device.

    Using Your Device

    Press and hold the activation button during inhalation, release the button when you are satisfied with your draw.

    Charging Your Device

    The VFIRE device comes with a MICRO-USB charging port, the charging slot for the VFIRE is located at the bottom of the device.

    Plug the USB end of your device safely into a charge block or active USB port to charge your device.

    Charge time varies anywhere from 0.30 minutes to 2.0 hours.

    *The MICRO-USB charger which comes with your device is designed specifically for the VFIRE, we do not recommend using third party chargers to charge your device.



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