Humblebee Live Resin Cartridge | Push Pop Sherbert


  • Brand:Humblebee
  • .5g –

    Hybrid THC: 63%


    HumbleBee 0.5g Live Resin Cartridges

    We have always strived to provide high end concentrates to every type of consumer possible, and when we looked at the vape market, we saw an opportunity to introduce our HumbleBee live resin to a new crowd. By taking our full spectrum live resin and putting it into a cartridge, we provide an experience vape users can appreciate. THC distillate vape cartridges have ruled the market for some time now, and while easier to produce at a high volume, they are missing a key part of the experience. THC is meant to interact with its fellow cannabinoids, that is the natural state within the marijuana plant. We reflect that in our concentrates, and the same can be said for our vape products. True live resin cartridges provide the entourage effect that high end concentrate users crave, as well as containing ONLY cannabis derived terpenes and not botanical terpenes (terpenes derived from other plants) or synthetic terpenes (terpenes artificially created in a lab) that are used in other products. We never want our concentrates to become disconnected from the plant they are derived from, vaped or otherwise.

    Transparency: We think it is important to include THCa percentages on our packaging even though it is not state mandated. We at HumbleBee want the consumer to be assured that the products they are purchasing is REAL live resin. This can only be achieved by proving that our products contain THCa.

    Process: We start every process with hand-curated top-shelf cannabis sourced from a select group of Michigan’s best growers. When we purchase their product, they immediately freeze the plant after harvesting to preserve the natural terpenes and cannabinoids present in the whole plant (hence why it is sometimes referred to as fresh frozen). Every strain has a distinct make-up of cannabinoids, and each has a distinct flavor and terpene profile. It’s that exact combination that differentiates one strain from the other. At HumbleBee we preserve all the unique qualities that make that strain exceptional and transform it into pure, strain specific concentrated forms.

    Suggested Use: For maximum effect when using our vape products, it is suggested that you do not go over 3.8 volts on any adjustable battery, and/or to check the heat setting on non-adjustable batteries before use. When vaping at too high of a heat it is possible to ruin the terpenes which are present in the cartridge, resulting in a burnt flavor.

    Actual potency may vary +/- 10%







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