Hanson endorses possible SA plebiscite for recreational cannabis use – Sky News Australia

One Nation supports the use of medicinal cannabis and wants to expand the opportunity for Australians in need to access it, according to the party’s leader Pauline Hanson.
Australia legalised access to medicinal cannabis in 2016, although it continues to be heavily regulated.
Ms Hanson said her party is in favour of producing more of the drug in Australia.
She said the South Australian One Nation branch is even in favour of holding a state plebiscite which would ask whether the public was in favour of legalising cannabis for recreational use.
“I’m trying to listen to the people, to put it to a plebiscite and let them decide,” Senator Hanson said.
“I’ve tried marijuana; it was when I was about 40 that I actually tried it.
“I actually had trouble serving at my fish and chips shop; I think I ate more of the profits than I made that night.”
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