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    RELAX CBD calming chews are a daily supplement that helps support balanced behavior in dogs when surprised or in unexpected situations.

    Our RELAX Calming chews in combination with a healthy diet, may promote balanced behavior when disrupted by loud noises like thunderstorms or new environments like large crowds. With recommended use, RELAX helps support a healthier and happier pet with vet-recommended ingredients and an easily chewable texture your dog will love.

    Calming Soft Chews. Supports Balanced Behavior. Additional Support for Healthy Mind & Body. Vet-Recommended Ingredients. Free of Wheat, Corn, & Soy. Coconut Pumpkin Flavor. 90 Chews per Jar.

    Recommended Dosage: under 10 pounds = 1 chew; 10-25 pounds = 2 chews; 26-50 lbs = 3 chews; over 50 lbs = 4 chews.

    Our chews are formulated to be “additive” – which means your pup can take the recommended daily amount of each should he/she need more than one formulation.

    Like all supplements, a regular daily chew regimen will give your pet the most benefit. Most dog owners see desired behavior and changes in their dogs in as little as a few days or weeks depending on use.



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