Gold Flora Launches New Luxe Collection All-In-One Vaporizer Line with Premium Oil and Most Advanced Hardware in California – Business Wire

Featuring indoor-grown, single-source oil in multiple formulations and custom hardware design with exclusive ceramic notch coil technology, Gold Flora’s new one-gram, rechargeable all-in-one line sets new standard as company drives California cannabis market innovation across verticals
COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gold Flora — a leading vertically-integrated California cannabis company — today announced the launch of its revamped Luxe Collection disposable vape pen, the most comprehensive update for the collection since the line was introduced in 2018. A full inch smaller than its predecessor but with twice the oil and an exclusive new ceramic core technology that optimizes consumption and maximizes safety, the new all-in-one pen is the most rigorously tested product in the market. Catering to the diverse preferences of today’s modern cannabis consumer, Luxe Collection pens come in three styles: Gold Rush, Black Gold, and White Gold. Black Gold (80-95% THC) features minimally refined, full-spectrum cured resin and pure cannabis terpenes for a satisfying true-to-strain experience; Gold Rush (85-95% THC) employs all natural cannabis and botanical terpenes for a rich flavorful taste; and White Gold (20-23% THC) is a refreshing CBD-rich, full-spectrum cured resin formulation with all-natural cannabis and botanical terpenes.

The Luxe Collection launch marks Gold Flora’s largest market introduction of their growing vertical infrastructure, including its planned 620,000 square foot Gold Flora Farms in Desert Hot Springs where flower is grown and oil is produced; statewide distribution; and rapidly growing retail footprint, including such leading dispensaries as Airfield Supply Company (San Jose), Higher Level (Seaside, Hollister) and King’s Crew (Long Beach).
“Gold Flora has been focused on preparing for the future of cannabis experiences and the enhanced and beautifully designed Luxe Collection launch gives us a chance to offer the first look at where we are today and where we plan to go strategically,” says Gold Flora CEO Laurie Holcomb, whose brand is one of the few female-led cannabis companies in California. “We’ve been concentrating on developing what is arguably the most comprehensive vertically-integrated operation in the state and leveraging relationships with the best retail partners across California for our house of brands. We are always going to be craft-driven in how we approach product development and, with the new Luxe Collection, we are ready to lead the cannabis conversation around quality, experience, and technology.”
Featuring a full gram of cannabis oil in each disposable and recyclable pen with a 310mAh battery capable of 300+ puffs, the Luxe Collection has twice the oil volume of its original line at nearly the same suggested retail price and comes equipped with a recharging port that fits any Micro-USB cable to ensure there is never more oil than battery. The hardware leverages exclusive PurTec Delivery Systems R1 food-grade ceramic notch coil technology and a 316L Stainless Steel coil that creates better oil transfer, more even heating, no heavy metal contaminants or particle inhalation, and more efficient wicking — resulting in consistent quality flavor and superior safety and overall performance.
“We are thrilled to unveil the next generation of flavor and design for California consumers,” says Gold Flora’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Lane, who joined the company with the acquisition of Airfield Supply Co. in December 2021. “The Luxe all-in-one disposables represent everything we are focused on at Gold Flora as we utilize our vertical supply chain to bring premium quality products to market at compelling prices. The pens are visually refined and striking, echoing the modern design aesthetic we have become known for. We feel that the Luxe Collection sets a new standard for disposable vape products and certainly indicates the type of quality and experience we pursue on every level as we expand across the state. This is just the beginning. We are excited to continue bringing innovation to market.”
Retailing at a suggested $32, Gold Flora Luxe Collection vape pens are available today at fine dispensaries across California.
About Gold Flora
Founded in 2017, Gold Flora is California’s leading vertically integrated single-state operator. The company portfolio, which is proudly woman-owned, includes Gold Flora Farms — a unique, fully licensed 620,000 square foot cannabis cultivation and processing complex in Desert Hot Springs — as well as the Airfield Supply Company, Higher Level, and King’s Crew dispensaries. Built from the ground up by a team of experts with decades of experience and a passion for superior products that truly make a difference in people’s lives, Gold Flora is committed to providing the highest quality legal cannabis products in California. The company was established on a foundation of bringing trust, transparency, and high ethical standards to California’s rapidly evolving cannabis market. To learn more, visit
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After years of growth and retail acquisition, Gold Flora announces the revamp of its Luxe Collection all-in-one premium oil one-gram vape pens.
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