Cherry Kush Mints Shatter | 1g


  • Brand:Cannalicious
  • 1g –

    Hybrid THC: 78.7%

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    Cherry Kushmint is the delicious and perfectly balanced hybrid that comes from crossing Kush Mints with Cherry Pie. Pungent earthy aromas are mixed with those of sweet cherries. Sweet and sour cherry flavors that hit your lips on the inhale are quickly followed by the taste of juicy citrus.

    Cherry Kushmint promotes a euphoric and happy effect an is considered a great choice for those suffering from a lack of appetite and insomnia.

    Shatter has a great smell, is incredibly smooth and, in most cases, can be used without a dab tool. Flat patty with glass-like stability. Processed from cured material.

    Actual potency may vary +/- 10%







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