Cherry Berry CannabisPM Gummies 50mg THC:CBD:CBN


  • Brand:CannabisPM
  • Indica THC: 46.2 mg  |  CBD: 45.7 mg

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    The cannabis plant has been a staple for insomnia, restless and troubled minds and pain relief for millenia. With CannabisPM, our formula works to aid a good night’s rest. Its unique ratio of major and minor cannabinoids (namely CBN; or Cannabinol) accomplishes a state of restfulness typical sleep aids and cannabis products can’t always guarantee. CannabisPM brings the powers of the cannabis plant to synergize a sedating and sound experience for anyone who’s run out of sheep to count.

    Ten gummies per package. Each gummy has 5mg THC, 5mg CBD, 5mg CBN, and terpenes. Actual potency may vary by +/- 10%






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