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How to recognize high quality CBD flowers. Complete guide.

If you’re new to the world of legal cannabis, our first advice is: don’t always trust labels. The CBD flower itself should speak for its quality.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to learn how to recognize high-quality CBD flowers and to distinguish them from a low-quality product.

You will surely find a lot of online guides based on various physical and chemical characteristics, but insiders will tell you that your most important and precise measuring tool when you are looking for high-quality CBD flowers is your nose.


Top-quality legal cannabis is often characterised by a powerful fragrance. So when you are examining your CBD flower, consider that fine quality cannabis flowers should have a distinct and captivating smell which should stand out from other flavours. The strong and rich aroma indicates a high content of terpenes that with some more experience you will be able to identify. Terpens are produced by a variety of plants and are the primary components of resins and essential oils. It’s the combination of terpens that gives to a flower or a plant its particular smell and aroma (floral, citrus, fruity etc.) Pungency of CBD flowers is also directly linked to their potency.

If your storekeeper has different display samples, consider that remaining open to the air the flavour loses its intensity. If possible ask the storekeeper to give the flower a little pinch in order to release some of those terpenes and help you to get a better idea of what the actual smell of your CBD flower is.

So the smell is the first and main evaluation criterion for CBD flowers. The pungent aroma with its different nuances (sweetish, sourish, fruity, citric, floral etc.) is always a sign of quality.

  • Avoid buds that smell like hay or have no smell at all.
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Visual appearance: judge by the appearance!


Another important thing to consider if you are looking for fine-quality legal cannabis is the color.

First quality CBD flowers should be generally green in color, though the shade can range from lighter green to darker green. Bright, robust coloration generally signals a high-quality product. Top-quality CBD flowers tend to be some combination of green and purple.

purple CBD flowers
Purple color of CBD flowers indicates the TOP quality
  • When the CBD flower on the shelf is brown, red, or yellow, that’s not a great sign. Our advice: avoid purchasing them.
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This article is just for informational purposes, and to explain the drugs situation in Portugal. It’s not legal information. There are quite a few articles online that suggest Portugal is the new Amsterdam, which is more than just an exaggeration. Well, at the moment at least. In recent years, Portugal has decriminalised all drugs (2001) and legalised cannabis-based medicines (2018). Website that sell weed In which website can I buy weed Where to buy weed Online How to buy weed Online where to buy cannabis Online

Despite those two big changes, that doesn’t mean the streets of Lisbon are lined with Amsterdam-style coffee shops. It simply means that you won’t go to jail for buying weed (or any other type of drugs) and that soon you’ll be able to get a prescription for medical marijuana.
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Then, there are all the guys in places like Lisbon and Porto who whisper “hashish,marijuana,  cocaine” as you walk past. People assume that because they’re offering drugs that 1) drugs must be legal and 2) these guys are actually selling drugs.

They’re not. If you’re looking for some very expensive oregano, or you’d like to clean your nose out with washing powder, they’re the guys to speak to. The police haven’t done anything about it because they’re technically not selling drugs, but it’s becoming such a nuisance to everybody that they’re eventually going to have to do something about it.Website that sell weed In which website can I buy weed Where to buy weed Online How to buy weed Online where to buy cannabis Online

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Italy is very close to the full legalization of cannabis. The country legalized medicinal and industrial cannabis, but regulations are very strict. Which makes cannabis not very available for patients because of high costs. Further, recreational smoking and possession of small amounts are decriminalize which means you can expect to pay a fine. Also, what’s very weird is that if you, as an Italian citizen get caught with a small possession. You can face a suspension of your personal documents such as passport or driver’s license. Where can i buy hash in Australia Buy hash in Australia Buy weed Australia Buy Cannabis Australia

Cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purpose is legal, but you have to have a registered business and comply with strict regulations. You, as a certified grower, can’t use any seeds, but must obtain official seeds provided. By the government which has high costs compared to commercial seeds.

Italy invented a new law, often called cannabis light which allows growers to grow cannabis plants. From non-authorized plants as long as levels of THC are minimal (no more than 0.2%).
People can openly buy low-THC cannabis from official resellers just with ID or another personal document. It’s very interesting how Italy legalized low-THC cannabis. We recommend reading more about it.
Another interesting fact, that applies to Florence is that bottle alcohol is prohibite and you can’t buy a bottle of beer or wine after 10 pm. Police enforce that law more than cannabis laws, so it seems smoking weed in Florence is not the major focus, but always be careful and use your common sense.Where can i buy hash in Australia Buy hash in Australia Buy weed Australia Buy Cannabis Australia


Cannabis is yet to be totally legalized in Australia. It can be used for Medical purposes but not recreational use. That’s a loss to Western Australia (WA) and a legislative situation which does not address WA’s needs.

Statistics reveal that Western Australians have the highest Cannabis usage reports in the country, according to a 2010 study. Data supplied by the national drugs and alcohol survey indicated that no less than 32% of WA teenagers (18-19) had used the substance in the 12 months prior to the test date. Given the negative effects of Cannabis consumption, especially in young people WA’s numbers represents some concern for that area. (For context, the National average level of consumption was that 25.1% of teenagers (18-19) had consumed recreational cannabis in the previous month.

Cannabis is currently legal when used for medical purposes in Australia. A bill will be introduced to legalise in Canberra for recreational purposes in February 2019

Can you buy cannabis in Perth?

The answer to this question depends on what you want to use the Cannabis for. Since the drug has been legalized (for medical uses) at the National level, states like West Australia.

To obtain a prescription, the user will have to get a prescription from an authorized doctor, before they can go buy from a pharmacist.

Is Cannabis Legal in Perth?

According to the survey referenced above, 27.6% of the West Australian adult population admitted to having used the drug in the previous 12 months. All of those bought it illegally.

In addition to legalizing marijuana for Medical use, Perth also operated a decriminalization model for the drug in its region. This allowed those who were caught possessing or growing certain amounts of the drug to be let go with just a slap on the wrist – in form of a civil penalty – usually a small fine. Perth’s rules around being caught with Cannabis are far less stringent than those suffered by the inhabitants of other states, New South Wales in particular which has far stricter rules for those caught in possession.

Unfortunately for those interested in buying Cannabis in Perth, the decriminalization scheme was scrapped in 2011. Now, anyone caught with up to 10 grams of the substance (or a used smoking apparatus – known to the Police as ‘paraphernalia’ ) are now subject to a cannabis intervention. (Training and education, rather than a fine and potential jail time).

There have also been various cases of large-scale cannabis drug busts in the region for those higher up the drug chain.

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Buy AK-47 Weed Strain

Buy AK-47 Weed Strain

Another cult-classic name in this list. check it out and if it is part of the genetic profile of a new strain you are about to purchase, then that can be a good sign.

AK-47 is a giver and it can make you happy with amazing yields.

When grown in the favorable Australian weather, you can easily lay your hands on trichome-rich, sparkling and fat buds, with very few possible issues along the way.

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Buy Super Lemon Haze

Buy Super Lemon Haze

Buy Super Lemon Haze That one is a hard rank because both Super Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze can do so well in Australia; this almost makes the choice impossible.

Actually, it’s only a matter of personal preferences.

Hazes are wonderfully well suited for the Australian climate. Blue Haze and Amnesia Haze are also big players and thriving in the abundant sun.

Don’t forget to be careful about the humidity levels with Haze fellows, though. They wouldn’t really like it if you leave them in a way too air-dry environment.

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Buy Sour Diesel Online

Buy Sour Diesel Online;

Sour Diesel is quite a popular name on the cannabis stage.

The yields are decent but especially if you can grow it outdoors, where it can reach a multiple-buds-bearing height.

This hybrid comes with a dominance of Sativa genetics and as such, it can thrive in hot weather.

However, the Indica traits can lead to some possible issues, such as heat stress so it’s a good thing to consider in advance.

Sour Diesel won’t be the easiest strains of all to grow but the energizing and happy effects, along with the almost legendary medical properties make it a fantastic strain to add to your home kit.


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Buy Harlequin Online

Buy Harlequin Online

Buy Harlequin Online;

Thanks to its versatility when it comes to psychotropic and therapeutic effects in mild levels, Harlequin has been known throughout the Western cannabis cultivation. The Sativa-Dominant ratio content of Harlequin is 75/25. Also, its THC content ranges between the values of 4% to 7%. Notably, its CBD content is composed of the value ranging between 8% up to 16%.  Accordingly, its primary effects are inclusive of Mood and energy boost, Relaxation, and Focus.

One thing that should be highlighted on this strain is the flavor and aroma that it offers which makes as one of the best Australian Sativa strains. These are Herbal, Sweet, Earthy, and Mango. As it grows, its height can grow from 60 to 90 centimeters or 23 to 35 inches in height. It has a very high THC content that has a sweet mango and melon aroma and flavor. Since these seeds are feminized, the Harlequin seeds are fast buds with vigorous sizes with a yield of 70 up to 300 grams per plant.

Its seeds are already fertile in itself that can produce berry seeds and yield without the use of a pollinizer. Once you apply cross-pollination, it can yield better results in terms of production. As it is called as the mainstay in terms of marijuana commercial production, these are very popular for all cultivators, growers, and breeders in the northeastern part of the United States.


Thc vape juice Buy Thc vape juice Buy Thc Oil Online Thc Oil for Sale Online thc oil australia thc vape juice australia Buy Thc Oil Online Australia

Buy Thc vape juice

Buy Thc vape juice

Buy Thc vape juice;Vaping has become an incredibly popular way to smoke both nicotine and cannabis in the last decade or so, but only in the last couple years have THC vape juice products really taken over the market. There are plenty of reasons to opt for vape juice or other cannabis concentrates over flower. This post will go over what THC vape juice is all about, the benefits, our recommended brands, and even how to make your own vape juice at home.

What is THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice is simply a liquid cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from fresh cannabis flowers using CO2 or alcohol extraction. The end product is a highly concentrated and potent liquid that can be attached to a vaporizer pen and smoked just like if you were using an herb vaporizer.

One of the biggest advantages of THC vape juice is that it can contain as high as 80-90% THC, whereas dried cannabis flower only contains around 20% THC. This allows for a much stronger high in much smaller hits, meaning less product consumed and more money in your pocket.

Is THC Vape Juice Legal?

The legality of vape juice mostly depends on where you live. If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal like Colorado, California, Washington, or Oregon, you will have no issues finding a legal THC vape juice at your local dispensary.

If you live in a state where only medical marijuana is legal like Michigan or Florida, you will need to qualify for a medical marijuana card in order to purchase any THC-based cannabis products.

‘If you live in a state where there are no legal cannabis laws, unfortunately, THC vape juice is not a (legal) option for you.’

Where to buy THC Vape Juice

where to buy thc vape juice

Depending on where you live, THC vape juice can be purchased at a local recreational or medical dispensary. In these states, you can also purchase THC vape juice online from brands like Pax and Gio as long as they ship to your location. All of our recommended brands can be purchased online.

Buy THC Vape Juice Online: Is It Possible?

Buying THC vape juice online is now possible in many states with medical or recreational legalization. THC vape juice brands are increasingly selling their products directly from their sites. Or, you can find THC vape juice on dispensary delivery sites, like Eaze or Weedmaps. Those selling and shipping THC vape juice online are using discreet packaging techniques to ensure your THC vape juice shipment is secure and safe.

Best THC Cartridges

Shopping online for THC vape juice cartridges will quickly show you that the market is booming. However, not all vape juices are created equal, and it’s important to do your homework to make sure you’re receiving a clean product that is free of residual solvents, chemicals, pesticides, and that it’s been lab tested to verify its potency. We consider the following brands to be a trustworthy option for high-quality, potent, and pure THC vape juice.

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Budding boom: All you need to know about Australia’s stake in the fast-growing cannabis industry

medicinal cannabis

Weed for sale in australia;In the words of legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh, some call it tamjee, some call it the weed, some call it marijuana, and some of them call it ganja.

Whatever the phrase, Tosh’s 1976 song and album by the same name, Legalise It, was more than just proof of his talent as a solo-artist after splitting from Bob Marley’s band the Wailers.

More than 43-years later, cannabis, a plant with an ancient history, is a $20.1 billion dollar legal industry worldwide and is expected to more than double in size over the next five years.

In pursuit of new medical treatments and enough tax revenue to build hundreds of schools, governments around the world have heeded Tosh’s advice.

In Australia, that journey is just getting started. In 2016 the federal government planted a seed for a local medicinal cannabis industry, and while barely three years old, business is already being done.

Cannabis entrepreneurs are cropping up all over the place in Australia as early movers get ready to cash in on what could become a $1.2 billion industry over the next 10 years, according to figures put together by prohibition partners last year.

The Greens, citing Parliamentary Budget Office findings, believe the industry will grow to $2 billion over the forward estimates.

Cannabis: The state of play

The legal framework around medicinal cannabis in Australia is still evolving and remains tightly restricted, but patient numbers are on the up.

Look no further than Australia’s capital, where the ACT Legislative Assembly is considering actually decriminalising possession of under 50 grams of cannabis this week.

At the end of 2017, there were 158 approved medicinal cannabis patients in Australia. By the end of January this year there were 2,800, according to TGA figures. Slow, but steady.

Now, after the Therapeutic Goods Administration moved to streamline the application process for medicinal cannabis patients last year, the industry is preparing for a boom.

Adam Miller is the founder of BuddingTech, a consultancy firm dedicated to Australia’s emerging cannabis industry.

Miller is predicting medicinal cannabis patient numbers to surpass the 120,000 mark in the next four years as education programs aimed at getting doctors across the country familiar with prescribing the drug take off.

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